NEWCON 1976 (the greatest comics convention of all time?)

Lulu, in black marker. All the time Stanley was sketching for fans, he was disparaging his own work and expressing amazement that anyone still cared about it.

Lulu sticking her tongue out at Stanley, who's second from right in the photo. This is in the program book. My copy also contains autographs from Carl Barks, Gil Kane, Harvey Kurtzman, and even some people who are still alive: Joe Kubert, Michael Kaluta, Steranko, Dick Giordano, and Fred Fredericks.

The flyer that the first Lulu sketch was drawn on the back of.

A wonderfully evocative drawing (even if it probably involves swipes) from the program book, by Marty Greim, who was one of the con organizers.

A gag about Stanley, by fellow east coast Dell man Walt Kelly.

The lineup of cartoons that were shown one night. I hadn't seen most of these before. (Note that I still remember When Mousehood Was in Flower, 27 years later.)